Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We last updated our Privacy Policy on applicable to this privacy policy details how the Personal User Information will be collected, along with how it will be used on this website and browser extensions. We will be collectively referring to  as, "We", "Our", "Us” throughout the entire. All the choices available to you on this website will be discussed with regards to our use of your personal information and how you will be able to access and update this information over the course of time.

1. Information Collecting and Sharing

Personal User Information (PUI)
The most important thing for  is to protect our users' privacy. In our commitment to do so, we do not require Users to provide any Personal User Information in order to be able to use this website. However, at the same time, any visitors who wish to benefit from our special offers may be asked to provide their email address. Along with that, they may also be asked to share as much of the following information that they would be willing to provide: name, gender, age, and personal interests.

Browser Extensions
There are running browser extensions on  that automatically work sp that certain information is collected in order for this website function properly without any glitches. It allows us to understand devices and browsers that we are accessed through. The information collected through this might include devices used, IP addresses, operating systems, browsers, error logs, and similar information. This allows us to track the usage which ultimately leads to us improve your experience.

You can publicly access blogs or community forums that we have shared our blogs and information on. We also want to make you aware that any information provided by you in these areas may be read, collected, and used by others who will be accessing them.

Third-Party Personal User Coupon
If you wish to share a coupon that you have from elsewhere on our website, you are allowed to do so. This allows other shoppers to benefit from the savings they would be able to do. Though we would require you to share your name, address, the coupon type, and other such information. The coupon will be listed on the website and other shoppers will be able to use the coupon accordingly. However, any coupons shared by the user is not the responsibility of  If the coupon is fake, miss listed, expired, or has any other issues, the user who shared the coupon will be responsible. We do not share any information provided by our users, but we will be forced to share any personal data if we come across any problems.

<h5>Log filesCertain information is gathered through our servers’ stored files. The information included in this are Internet protocol (IP) address, the type of browser, Internet service provider (ISP), refer/exit pages, operating system, date & time stamp, and clickstream data.

If ever needed, we may collect the complete data that is available to us from log files which will be used to demonstrate usage information from our website for prospective brands on it.

Legal Disclaimer
If any situation arises,  is required to disclose personal data as a response to any lawful requests by public authorities, that is to fulfill the law enforcement requirements, we will comply with the request accordingly. Any Personal User Information that is required by the law will be shared accordingly, we withhold the right to do so when there are any requests where the law is involved. This would happen in cases where believe that a full disclosure is necessary so that personal rights are protected. Helping us, to further safety for others involved in the whole situation. This would also allow the complete investigation of fraud. We will always respond to government requests for any necessary situations. We will also comply with any judicial proceeding, court order, or any legal proceedings that are served on our website.

If any major merger, acquisition, or sale has been made by  where all or a portion of our assets are involved, the notifications will be sent out accordingly. These will be sent out through email and/or a prominent notice that would be shared on our website. In case there are any changes in ownership, and the use of your Personal User Information, and choices that you might be having in regards to it, will be included.

For any Third Party, you Personal User Information will not be shared without any prior consent that has not been provided by you.

2. Third-Party Websites Links
Any links posted from  to any Third Part website are not in control by us. Any personal data shared by the user to the Third Party will be held responsible by them.  will not be a part of any issue that arises.

If you click on any offers or deals that land on pages of Third Party merchandisers, we are not responsible for any of the Personal User Information that is shared from there. We want you to be careful and check their privacy policies before you make any acceptances or move forward with making any purchases.

3. Our Complete Cookies Policy
Cookies and similar technologies are used by  and its partners.

What actually are cookies?
Cookies enable  to track, store, and collect information with the help of the small text files that save the information from your device that you connect with us from.